It’s no secret that roller blinds have been around for decades, but what you may not have been aware of in the past are all the advantages that come with choosing a roller blind. Here are just a few of the many reasons why we love roller blinds, and why they should be a top contender when it comes to choosing how you furnish your windows.

From the vast range of fabrics available including: light filtering, blockout and sunscreen, each range differs in its’ choice of colour, material and patterns. This allows for bold, subtle, striking or even classic features to be created and then added to your home.


Options Include:

  • Light Filter, Blockout and Sunscreen fabrics for varying levels of privacy and light requirements.
  • Double roller blinds consisting of a blockout and sunscreen fabric on the same system to maximise control over privacy and light.
  • Chain operated or motorised blinds.
  • Mechanisms available in different shapes and colours.
  • Aluminium or PVC pelmets
  • PVC pelmets with a fabric insert.

Having so many options to choose from allows the creation of each roller blind to be an enjoyable experience, with the end result being a custom made product that will suit your taste and requirements. These options allow for practicality when it comes to the functioning of the blind, as well as having the ability to complete a space.


Roller blinds’ simplistic nature means that there are few products on the market that are able to dress your windows in the same sense as a roller blind can, and more importantly within the same price range. Not only is opting to purchase roller blinds over other window furnishings a creative and fun process – by doing so, you won’t be breaking the bank!


The great thing about designing your roller blind is that they can be as bold or refined as you like, suiting the style of everyone and adding character to the space. Roller blinds can effortlessly blend into the feel of the home or can be a standout feature, whilst remaining pleasing to the eye!
The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to creating your ideal roller blind and when it comes to having multiple design choices, affordability, practicality and style, you can’t overlook a roller blind from Custom Window Coverings.

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