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Calgary, Things to Consider When Selecting Curtains

Calgary, Custom Window Coverings has compiled a quick checklist to help you find that perfect set of curtains for your space. Choosing the right set of curtains to dress up your room’s windows will help you get the most of your area.

  • Purpose – Is there a specific function you need your curtains to perform? Should they filter light, act as a privacy shield, or add to a room’s aesthetic?
  • Material – When choosing your material, remember the curtain’s purpose. Use luxurious fabrics such as silk for formal rooms. Cotton is a great choice to diffuse light and provides an airy and relaxed feeling.
  • Lining – rooms that require privacy, temperature control, or just to block out daylight should be lined. Rooms that require curtains for light filtering or just for decorative purposes don’t need lining. Adding lining to your curtains will affect the overall cost. It is important to consider the requirements of the space in order to select what is best for your room and your budget.
  • Colour – Ponder the room’s prevalent and accent colors. Do you want the curtains to blend into the room, accent the room, or to make a bold statement?
  • Design – Playing with color, prints, and patterns are the fun part of curtain selection. Use your creative intuition here. Solid curtains are a great selection if the room has printed furniture or rugs. Printed curtains are a fun way to enhance the theme of a room. For example, if your den is golf-themed, why not opt for hunter green wool curtains reminiscent of golf’s lush landscape and its Scottish heritage. Please feel free to bring in a picture of your room, and our in-house experts can help you with the selection process.
  • Length – As a soft rule, the longer a curtain is, the more formal the look. Shorter curtains suggest a relaxed atmosphere. There are generally four curtain lengths to consider, from shorter to longer:
    1. To the windowsill
    2. To the bottom of the apron
    3. Touching the floor (formal)
    4. Puddling on the floor (romantic)
  • Hardware & Accessories – Use hardware such as curtain rods, hooks, and rings to make your curtains remarkable. Consider the purpose of your curtain and then use the rooms motif or accent features to select hardware that dresses your window covering up!

WantingCurtains, Calgary? Decorative Vs. Functional Types

Now that you have considered the various elements of your curtains, it is time to select the style that best works for your space. Ripple fold and grommet style curtains are great for functional areas. In contrast, box pleat and pinch pleat style curtains provide a more decorative flair. No matter what style of curtains that you select, we will help make the selection process fun and easy. Custom Window Coverings is where those in the know buy curtains in Calgary.

Ripple Fold Style Curtains

Best suited for functional spaces, ripple fold style curtains are great for those designers looking to create a modern look that has a splash of panache. Ripple fold curtains require tracks and carriers to function correctly. The rippled folds hold their shape as they slide along their paths. Their shape maintains its aesthetic whether these curtains are opened or closed.

Box Pleat Style Curtains

Box pleat style curtains are very stylish and provide an elegant, decorative appeal to space. Hooks are added to the back of box pleat curtains. These hooks are not visible when viewing the curtains from the front. The hooks make it easy to connect to the curtain rod’s rings.

Grommet Style Curtains

Grommet style curtains are another type of curtain which are great for functional spaces. The grommets allow the curtain to slide easily along the curtain rod. The material and color of the grommets can match or contrast with the curtain rod to augment the look.

Pinch Pleat Style Curtains

Pinch pleat style curtains have a decidedly decorative heading. Sewn-in pinch pleats deliver a polished elegance. These fashionable folds flow warmly from top to bottom.

Enjoy Choosing Your New Curtains

Enjoy choosing your new window curtains. They are sure to enhance the look and feel of your space. Stop by and visit Custom Window Coverings anytime to learn more about the window treatment products we offer.

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