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When it comes to choosing new drapes or blinds, Calgary has just the place. At Custom Window Coverings, our expertise is second to none. In this post, we’re focusing specifically on drapes to give you a run-down of the most popular fabrics currently on-trend. Drapes can block out light and trap in heat, so many regard them as oppressive and dull, when in fact, they are an elegant and stylish addition to any interior. Whether you want to achieve sophisticated luxury or raw, natural ambiance, here are four of our favorite fabrics for you to consider:

Velvet – Still going strong as a drapery fabric contender, we admire velvet for its light and draft blocking capabilities. The weight of velvet creates rich, deep folds, adding an air of regality, particularly to more formal interiors. Although synonymous with dark shades, velvet is also available in lighter hues that can add understated character yet a sparkling sheen to a dining or sitting room.

With more modern interiors, velvet’s historical appeal offsets the contemporary furnishings, creating a beautiful contrast. Another great feature of velvet is it’s lifespan – treat it well, and it will last for decades and get even better with age.

Linen – For something a little lighter, linen drapes are a classic window accessory that limits the glare while still allowing natural light to pass through. They are a fuss-free material with enough weight to hang beautifully without the need to intervene. Linen is soft, textured and crisp, giving a room an airy and welcoming feel. They are incredibly versatile and work just as well at keeping the light out, providing you add a blackout lining. Though seen as a lightweight, linen can still hold its own and is a long-lasting, durable material.

Linen is increasing in popularity due to its organic appeal, ideal for eco-conscious homes. 100% pure linens are now in the market, exuding high-quality and understated luxury. Whether your style is classically elegant or naturally boho, you can complement it with a timeless linen drape.

Wool – Wool drapes emanate old-world sophistication, which remains popular in today’s modern interiors. They are the definition of stately elegance with an incredibly soft texture and radiant finish. Their heavy weight is ideal for high-ceilinged rooms that struggle to retain heat as the wool acts as an insulator, trapping warmth in the winter, blocking out light during summer and regulating humidity. Another benefit of wool is that it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for families who suffer from allergies.

Like linen, organic wool is also available, boasting natural fibres and environmentally-friendly sourcing. Homeowners who crave high-quality drapes, designed and created with care will find the answer in organic wool.

Raw silk – Where standard silk drapes create a luxurious vibe, raw silk drapes are more rugged and natural. They have a more substantial texture, which allows them to fall to the floor naturally and hold their shape. They stand out from other silks as they don’t have the shiny finish or slippery surface. Similar to wool, raw silk has antimicrobial properties that repel dust mites, mould and mildew. They complement a range of interiors, from contemporary and modern, to classic and vintage.

Raw silk is made even more beautiful by its natural irregularities in the weave. Homeowners that aren’t necessarily looking for perfection will find character and personality in raw silk.

As you can see, each drapery material we’ve discussed has its own style and benefits. You can choose your style of drape to match your interior preferences and needs. Whether you need a heavy drape to block out light or live a sustainable life and prefer luxury materials with nods to nature, we’ve got you covered (literally). If you’d like specific advice based on your personal needs, get in touch with our friendly team at Custom Window Coverings, Calgary; we’re the experts when it comes to window blinds, drapes, curtains and more.