types of drapes

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a certain person’s home might look like? Since the windows are the eyes of the house, they are the windows of a home’s soul. That means drapes could say a lot about someone’s personality. Here we explore four types of drape personalities to help you get a clear picture of what’s hidden behind those walls.

Earth Mother/Father

This is the person who views every aspect of their lives in terms of how it will affect the planet. Home décor must come naturally, inspired by the way the materials are collected and used (must be 100% sustainable), how they affect the planet (can’t contain chemicals or treatments of any sort) and how they will look to fellow earth-loving guests (peer pressure times 1000 on the social scales of insecurities). The earth mother/father homeowner therefore would have not just drapes, but more likely natural blinds that are:

  • Inspired by nature
  • Made of sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, or linen
  • Light and airy to let in more natural light and reduce energy use
  • Textured, natural fabrics like cotton and linens (think granola and wheatgrass)
  • Neutral colours inspired by nature (blues, greens, greys, browns)

Be prepared to walk barefoot if you ever get invited in.

Glam Diva

Liberace lives here. All that glitters is not just gold, but anything that dazzles and creates a scene. Everything is over the top, hit you in the face glam, not to be confused with luxe which tends to be much more elegant. Louis XVI would faint if he entered the room. If a dozen roses aren’t placed on every table, this homeowner swoons and lands prone on their gold legged, velveteen covered chaise lounge (which they would no doubt refer to as their “fainting couch”). The glam diva demands:

  • Rich jewel tones
  • Lush, shiny velvet, silk, and satin drapes
  • Flamboyant metallic accents
  • Anything that shimmers

No doubt the walls don’t have ears here, but instead just lots of mirrors.

Minimalist Martyr

The minimalist is a martyr who gives up all signs of style in the interest of the KISS theory: Keep It Simple Stupid. The very lack of statement in their home is a statement in itself. Nothing stands out because everything must be understated. Peace of mind is the focus of the room because without anything to focus on the mind goes blank. Ahhhhhhh, Zen. The minimalist’s windows therefore need:

  • Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity
  • No drapes, just functional blinds to provide privacy and dark
  • Cordless blinds (they consider cords ostentatious)
  • Solid neutral tones (keep texture away as it can cause distraction)

If you want to be calm and bored, this is the place.

Kitschy Eccentric

The keyword here is eccentric, with no holds barred when it comes to creating one of a kind spaces. White be gone, and let every surface shout out its own individuality. Nothing is matched, and everything is mixed for a dizzying array that keeps your eyes darting frantically to find somewhere to focus. Colours, patterns, textures, graphics and more than likely some disturbing knick-knacks and artwork all come together in a feverish dream. The windows:

  • Bold patterns they aren’t afraid to mix and match
  • Statement colours only available through custom orders
  • Fringe detailing only a grandmother could love
  • Tassels here, tassels there, tassels, tassels everywhere

Whimsical is an understatement in the kitschy eccentric’s house.

It just takes a little imagination to figure out what someone’s drape personality might be!

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