Windows that are slanted or curved require you to think outside the box. Irregular windows look cool but have limitations and require some creative solutions to cover effectively. Just as you’ve decided to refresh your home’s look, you’ve bumped into the age-old dilemma of dressing those peculiarly shaped windows. You’re not alone in this. Many find themselves at a crossroads, trying to balance style with functionality when it comes to covering arched, curved, or angled windows. The good news is, there are more options available than you might think, from custom blinds to creative drapery solutions that cater to every taste and need. But where should you start, and how can you ensure you’re making the right choice for both aesthetics and practicality? Stick around, as we’re about to uncover some guiding principles that will transform the way you view your windows.

Assessing Window Shapes

When tackling the challenge of irregular windows, it’s crucial to assess their unique shapes to ensure both aesthetic appeal and functional success. You’ve got to embrace their unconventional contours as an opportunity to inject creativity into your space. It’s not just about covering a space; it’s about enhancing it. Think of the window’s shape as a canvas, where functionality marries design. With a keen eye for detail, you transform what’s often seen as a limitation into a standout feature, making your space uniquely yours. You might find it helpful to break the window up into easier-to-manage portions. There is often a rectangular section that can be portioned away from the arched or slanted area. Working with a conventional rectangular portion and a smaller irregular-shaped portion will make this undertaking less daunting. These sections can be divided by installing a Palladian shelf. Alternatively, you can think of the space beyond the window, incorporating the wall and ceiling around it for a more dramatic look.

Creative Drapery Solutions

Explore the world of creative drapery solutions to transform your space with elegance and function, perfectly tailored to fit even the most irregular windows. Irregular windows, with their unique shapes and sizes, demand a creative approach to drapery. Opt for custom-made curtains that can be designed to fit any dimension, adding a level of sophistication and personality to your space. You may be able to cover everything if you have enough room to mount standard curtains over top. If the ceiling is not vaulted you mount directly onto it with a track. If the ceiling is vaulted, or if you have crown molding that you would like to leave unobstructed, then you can mount it above the window area with a rod. If the ceiling is pitched, curtains can be mounted unto the ceiling in a fixed position. To open the curtains, you can pull the panels to the sides. Keep in mind, that the higher up you pull the curtains to the sides, the more open they will be enabling more light to come in. You can use this application for classic curtains, curtains and sheers, blackout drapery and sheers, blackout drapery on its own, or just sheers. Use innovative materials and textures to create a focal point or seamlessly integrate the windows into your room’s overall design. With the right fabric, color, and pattern, you can turn an architectural challenge into a stunning visual feature. Remember, functionality isn’t the sole purpose here; it’s about creating an atmosphere.

Custom Blinds and Shades

If you prefer a more tailored look, cellular blinds are available in irregular shapes such as triangles or arches. Irregularly shaped cellular shades are usually fixed. The rectangular portion below the irregular shape can be separated with a Palladian shelf where you can mount a regular blind below. You might even find that once the rectangular portion of the window is covered, the top curved or slanted portion can be left open as long as light and privacy are not an issue. However, for some rooms, full coverage is a must. For continuity, it looks nice to mount a matching cellular blind below the irregularly shaped cellular blind, but technically you can mount any blind in the rectangular portion below. For a more architectural aesthetic, you may want to consider shutters. They can be ordered in irregular shapes as well. Keep in mind most shutters are manual and will require a ladder to access if they are installed on higher windows.

Professional Assistance Through the Entire Process

Calgary Custom Window Coverings can assist you on this journey by carefully assessing your window’s unique dimensions and selecting the appropriate tools for a flawless fit. It’s key to not just aim for function but to also consider how your window treatments will elevate the room’s aesthetics. We measure twice to ensure precision, as irregular windows demand accuracy to highlight their unique charm without compromising on functionality. We can also help you choose mounts that complement your decor while ensuring they’re sturdy enough to support your chosen coverings. Our design and installation team can completely transform and enhance the entire look of your space, making it both practical and visually appealing.

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