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Fully Customized Curtains in Calgary

Should it be Curtains for You?

Curtains are usually made out of lighter fabrics like cotton, poly-cotton blends or sheer materials. Curtains, unlike drapes, are not usually lined and so they provide varying degrees of privacy when used alone. Because they are lighter, they can be paired with blinds or shutters without making windows appear bulky. Curtains can be mounted with a rod or track, functional or purely decorative, sheer or opaque. When it comes to selecting the perfect curtains for your home, Custom Window Coverings is happy to help.

Decorative vs Functional Curtains

Functional Curtains:

-Completely close to cover the full window.
-Can offer privacy depending on the fabric selected (ex. Some sheer fabrics may offer less privacy than a standard fabric or room darkening fabric).
-Can block out light depending on the thickness of the fabric(s).
-Require more fabric, time, and labour to create.
-Will take up more space when pushed to the sides.
-May require lining based on room darkening needs, requirements for how the curtains appear from the exterior of the house, or to add a layer to insulate and absorb sound.

Decorative Curtains:

-Require less fabric, time, and labour to create.
-Are a cost-effective way to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.
-Take up less space because they use less fabric.
-Always remain perfectly positioned because they are stationary.
-Ideal for windows that have another window covering that is functional (ex. Blinds, Shades, or Sheers).