Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds – Graceful Simplicity in Calgary

Roller Blinds Provide Light-Controlling Options   

Crisp, clean-lined, and to the point; when it comes to keeping it simple, roller blinds reign supreme. Room–darkening roller shades are simple, effective, and economical. They are not only private, but also blackout most light. Roller window coverings are available in the light-filtering or room-darkening varieties; as well as cord-controlled, spring-loaded, or motorized. 

Inside or Out?

When it comes to installing blinds, you will have to determine whether the blinds should be mounted inside the frame, directly on the frame, or above the frame. 

Generally, blinds look more tailored when mounted within the frame. However, due to the depth of the roller blind casing you will need to ensure the window frame is deep enough to hold the blind. Roller blinds in closed casing are around 3.5” deep. Window frames should be a minimum of 2.5” in order to hold the blind with in the frame. If the depth of the window frame is between 2.5” and 3.5” the blind will protrude slightly from the frame rather align flush with the frame.  

For roller blinds mounted outside of the frame it is important to note that the fabric of the blind is slightly narrower than the width of the casing. To ensure the fabric completely covers the window frame, the casing should be slightly wider than outside width of the window frame. 

For floor to ceiling windows that do not have enough room to mount inside or on the window frame, a ceiling mounted roller blind might be the best option.