If you have one or more small rooms in your home that feel a little cramped, you can implement some useful design tricks to create the illusion of having more space. You could lay a new floor or redecorate the walls, but one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways is to choose a window treatment that suits your space. Adding the right drapes, curtains or blinds is a simple way to make a small room feel bigger without the need for a big DIY overhaul. At Custom Window Coverings, we’re offering you three ways to do just that:

Give your room some extra height

Curtains or drapes are excellent window treatments for making rooms appear taller. Hanging them as high as possible and extending to the floor will instantly give the impression of more space. You can also lengthen the rods so they go past the window frame, which creates the double illusion of having wider windows as well as taller walls. If you have window shades already installed, you can layer drapes over them to emphasize the overall room height. These floor-to-ceiling treatments don’t just make rooms feel taller, but they also add a refined and sophisticated edge to the interior.

Opt for stripes

Both vertical and horizontal stripes can trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it looks. Depending on the dimensions of your room, vertical stripes draw the eye up and create height in a room with low ceilings, whereas horizontal stripes make narrow rooms appear wider.

Thin stripes and broad stripes in window coverings create different optical illusions and should also be chosen based on the room size. Extra-wide stripes are great for elongating large windows but lose their effect in smaller-sized rooms. Thinner stripes can look crowded in large rooms but work well with small windows. Square-shaped rooms would benefit from curtains with bold stripes at the base and solid colours at the top that create the illusion of both height and width.

Avoid stripes that are predominantly dark or heavy as this can achieve the opposite effect, making the room feel cramped and airless. Alternatively, try contrasting colours if you want to make a statement, or find window treatments with varying horizontal widths and colours for an edgy, contemporary look.

Light is right

The best thing to remember if you want small rooms to appear bigger and brighter is to avoid dark colours and heavy window treatments. They can suffocate the room and block out the natural light. Lighter materials and palettes will instead create an open and airy atmosphere allowing the sunlight to filter through. When choosing your window treatment, consider fresh, light, neutral tones like white, beige and light gray that visually flow with the rest of your decor.

Light-coloured curtains, bamboo shades and slatted blinds are all great options. Sheer drapes are also an excellent choice as they allow for more natural light without restricting the view, giving the illusion of more space.

There are several versatile window treatments that create the impression of space in your small rooms. Before you select a colour and design that suits your existing decor, remember to pay close attention to the room dimensions so that the window covering will have the desired effect. Whether you choose curtains, drapes or blinds, Custom Window Coverings has the perfect solution for your home or business. Visit our showroom where you can see our extensive range of window coverings in action.

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