Custom Window Coverings offers Calgary a variety of chic and modern custom window treatments. Is it time to update your window coverings? If you answered yes, then read on to learn all about Calgary’s top five window treatment styles for 2020. Contact our team of window covering experts at your convenience to learn more about everything from sheer curtains and screen roller shades to decorative drapery panels and zebra blinds. Calgary, you are in excellent hands with our team of professionals at Custom Window Coverings.

5. Screen Roller Shades – A Crisp and Modern Window Treatment Style

Screen Roller Shades – offer your space a crisp, clean, and modern atmosphere. They subtly complement an area without distracting from the room’s overall visual appeal. Roller shades fit within a window frame, adding to their sleek, modern feel. Screen roller shades provide fantastic protection from sunlight. Due to this excellent protection, roller shades are the perfect covering for south-facing windows. Screened roller shades are also an excellent window treatment for moderating a room’s temperature. Custom Window Coverings offers a variety of screen colours. We are positive that you will find a roller shade that suits your style.

4. Sheer Curtains – A Light and Playful Window Treatment Look

Sheer Curtains – provide an area with a light, airy feel that gently diffuses natural sunlight. Rooms fitted with this stylish window covering are warm and inviting. Sunlight has a positive effect on an area’s mood. Your people will be sure to pick up on this mood and absorb it. The sheer curtain look is ideal for workspaces, dining areas, and meeting areas. Use sheer curtains in any room where you want to encourage conversation, the sharing of ideas, or a playful atmosphere.

3. Dress Up Your Window Coverings With A Set Of Decorative Drapery Panels

Decorative Drapery Panels – tailor-made from luxury fabrics, decorative drapery panels instantly add elegance elevating the overall aesthetic to any room. It is important to consider the type of fabric, colour, and texture when choosing the perfect drapery to complement your blinds or sheers, as well as the overall décor of the room. Use decorative drapery panels in areas where a touch of class will raise a room’s aesthetic to an even higher echelon. Dining rooms and bedrooms can benefit significantly by being dressed up with an exquisite set of decorative drapery panels. Visit us at Custom Window Coverings to view our vast selection of decorative drapery panels.

2. Vertical Sheers – A Modern Window Covering Fashion

Vertical Sheers – are an ideal and modern window covering for large windows and patios. Each strip of fabric is independent, allowing you to move through it, making it the perfect window treatment for dressing up your patio. Vertical sheers diffuse light or can close completely for full and intimate privacy. Vertical sheers are available in endless colour combinations providing optimum personalization. For an incredibly stylish look, opt for a monochromatic, neutral tone and pair it with decorative drapery panels. See, at Custom Window Coverings, we are full of modern, chic ideas.

1. Zebra Blinds – A Modern Classic Window Covering

Zebra Blinds – are still our top seller. Our clients love our zebra blinds. These blind’s contemporary aesthetic works well in most modern homes. They are a stylish and fashionable window covering that is versatile, maintenance-free, and economical. Zebra blinds are easy to mount and easy to clean. Personalize the style of your zebra blinds by opting for a fabric inserted valance to add character

Calgarians have a unique sense of style. We at Custom Window Coverings love channelling that style into modern, chic window treatments. If you are looking to find stylish and contemporary window treatments in Calgary and the surrounding area, contact us today. Call us today to book a free consultation at 403-452-3999 or email us at to see how we can assist in providing window treatments that enhance your modern interior.