Well thought out window treatments can enhance a room’s ambience. Window treatments for modern interiors run the breadth of design pallets. But hey, that’s the great thing about interior design. It allows you to add your own stylistic spin to a room, your own personality. Don’t be afraid to lean on us professionals to help you refine and focus that style. The crew at Calgary’s own Custom Window Coverings has a wealth of experience and knowledge for you to draw upon. Contact us with questions, concerns, and ideas. We are glad to help.

Modern Treatments for Modern Windows

Thankfully, window treatments come in an array of designs, fabrics, and colours. This provides new and professional interior designers with a fantastic toolkit in which to play with. Modern interior window treatments are trending more towards simple, clean lines and naturally appearing colours and patterns. Don’t get us wrong. There is also a place for bold splashes of colour and pleasing, eye-drawing patterns. The key is to use window treatments to enrich the room’s style by infusing it with your personality. This is where we at Custom Window Coverings excel. By helping you find that perfect, modern window treatment that augments your style.

Solar Shades – Sunglasses for your Windows

A window with a special view would require a treatment that allows a landscape to be admired.  However, there will be times when privacy needs outweigh the desire to look over a stunning vista. A modern window treatment offering the best of both worlds is solar shades. Solar shades are like sunglasses for your windows. They protect the interior of a room in a variety of ways. They protect a room from harmful ultra-violet rays. They reduce glare and diffuse direct sunlight. And finally, they have the added benefit of regulating room temperature. Solar shades offer the ability to gaze upon beautiful scenery while providing a measure of privacy as well.

Crush your Window Treatments with Velvet

That’s right, velvet. Velvet, while tried and true, has become incredibly in vogue in 2020. Its classical lineage lends to a haughtier reputation. Velvet drapes invoke images of grand balls and concert halls. In 2020, the interior designer with an eye for the extraordinary can leverage velvet’s elegant reputation to gussy a room up. Velvet is a thick, soft fabric heralded for its longevity. Get out of the mind space that velvet drapes must be dark or muted. Velvet comes in a variety of playful patterns and bright, bold colours. You’ll be sure to find a material that goes hand in hand with your personality. One of the most unique and luxurious reasons to use velvet in your modern window treatment is its texture. It’s a delight to behold and lovely to touch. Velvet is definitely a modern window treatment you should consider incorporating in your design plans.

Operating Blinds and Shades

Keeping in mind that modern interiors work well with a minimalistic aesthetic, give some thought to the mechanism you will use to operate your blinds and shades. Cordless operation is popular as it fits well into contemporary interior design trends. Motorized operation is another option that can add a modern feel to your window treatments. It may be more convenient to use a remote control rather than a cord to operate windows, especially for windows that are typically out of reach.

Curtains – Classic and Modern Window Treatments

Whether a space is traditional, contemporary, or classical, curtains are a timeless staple for window treatments. Use curtains to introduce colours, materials, and patterns to enhance a room’s design.  Signal out a room’s unique furniture or accents pieces and channel those to inspire colour choice for curtains that will make your window treatments pop! Curtains allow more light in than drapes. Many are desiring more light in the current world reality. We don’t get to go out as much, so getting more light into a room is healthy, comfy, and inviting.

Window treatments provide an opportunity to create any desired design.  With so many extensive choices available, it is a great idea to seek the input of experienced, knowledgeable professionals.  If you are looking to purchase window treatments in Calgary and the surrounding area, contact Custom Window Coverings. Our experts are glad to assist you in any and every way possible.  Since Custom Window Coverings creates custom window treatments, our clients find the perfect solution for their design goals.  Call us today to book a free consultation at 403-452-3999. You can visit their secure website at https://cwindowcoverings.ca/ or email them at info@cwindowcoverings.ca to see how we can assist in providing window treatments for your modern interior.

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