Vertical Sheers Calgary

Vertical Sheers in Calgary

Light and airy, vertical sheers are aesthetically pleasing as they filter the light; however, unlike regular sheer curtains, vertical sheers can be tilted closed for full privacy. They are made up of strips of fabric that are not connected at the bottom, allowing you to move through it. This makes vertical sheers an ideal solution for sliding doors. The fabric strips are also machine washable making them kid, and pet-friendly. Vertical sheer fabrics come in a range of colours so you can opt for a classic monochromatic theme or any colour combination of your choosing. Add solid strips of fabric to the ends of the track to create the look of traditional curtains and sheers. With vertical sheers, the possibilities are endless!

Vertical Sheers – The Ultimate All-In-One Window Covering

The Benefits of Vertical Sheers:

  • Looks like a light and airy sheer curtain, but can be closed for privacy.
  • Can be more cost-effective than a classic set of curtains and sheers.
  • The strips of fabric are machine washable.
  • It is easy to switch out the strips to change the colour scheme.
  • You can move through it, making it ideal for sliding doors.
  • Very compact when opened completely and stacked to the sides of the window
  • The verticality of the strips of fabric makes the room look taller, especially when it is mounted on the ceiling.

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