Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds Offer Efficient Light Control for your Calgary Home

Vertical Blinds – Optimal Function and Affordability

A popular choice for offices; vertical blinds are practical and professional. The durable hard vinyl or screen vanes make these window coverings one of the easiest products on the market to clean and care for. Vertical window blinds are fairly inexpensive, practical, and provide efficient light control. These blinds come with a standard heavy-duty track system for years of trouble-free operation. They are perfect for larger windows and sliding glass doors in particular.

Characteristics of Vertical Lines

Vertical blinds and curtains add vertical lines to overall space. Here are some of the characteristics associated with vertical lines:

  • They add height to the space, making it appear taller.
  • They are associated to strength and stability.
  • They have a formal, classic appeal.
  • Ex. Ancient Greek Columns, British Guards in tall furry hats, Coastal Redwood Trees