Zebra Blinds


Looking for Zebra Blinds in Calgary?

Eye-Catching Room Décor with Zebra Blinds

Do you want sleek, modern blinds that are available in a diverse range of fabrics? Do you want blinds that are versatile, easy to use and maintain? Do you want window coverings that look polished and professional but are also budget-friendly? If the answer is yes, then zebra blinds are the best option for you. 

Zebra blinds are also commonly known as zebra sheer shades, zebra roller blinds, or dual shades. They consist of a loop of fabric with solid stripes of fabrics alternating with stripes of mesh. When you line up the fabric stripes, you can see through the mesh and let some light in. When you interlock the stripes, you block out the light and have full privacy. The ability to adjust them to suit your needs makes them very versatile. 

Zebra blinds are available in an assortment of light-filtering materials as well as backout, which is great for bedrooms. The size of the stripes of fabric also ranges from micro to extra-wide. Custom Window Coverings design team is happy to help you select the perfect fabric that will suite your taste and needs.

No Need to Read Between the Lines to Learn the Perks of Zebra Blinds

  1. Zero Maintenance: Unlike standard slatted blinds, zebra blinds do not have slats to collect dust
  2. Lightweight: Because zebra blinds are primarily made of fabric, they are lighter in weight that typical venetian blinds. This puts less stress on the blind over time. It also makes to easier to raise and lower. 
  3. Versatile: Zebra blinds allow you to adjust them to your liking for light-control, privacy, and visibility; unlike other blind options which are either up or down. They can also be opened while rolled down part way, unlike other blind options.
  4. Modern: Zebra blinds are a newer type of blind making them a modern option both literally as well as visually. 
  5. Personalized: The multitude of fabric options allow you to select the perfect colour, texture, pattern, and proportion for the stripes. The mesh also comes in assorted degrees of openness or opacity with differing colour options.