Blackout Curtains Calgary

Custom Blackout Curtains in Calgary!

No need to dabble in the dark arts in order to achieve the magic of blackout curtains. Custom Window Coverings is happy to lighten your load when it comes to darkening your room.

In terms of room-darkening window treatments, blackout curtains are the cat’s pajamas. They can maximize light blockage covering the full length of the wall from floor to ceiling. Blackout curtains should extend beyond the width of the window frame allowing enough room for the fabric to rest to the side or sides of the window without obstructing too much of the glass. Keep in mind blackout fabric tends to be thicker in nature which will add to the amount of space the curtains take up when pushed open. Curtains with blackout lining will take up even more space than blackout curtains made with blackout fabric.

Blackout Curtains / Blackout Drapery

Although you can order blackout curtains in the style of your choice, Custom Window Coverings
recommends ripplefold curtains on a ceiling-mounted track to maximize light blockage and maintain a concise tailored look when the curtain panels are pulled to the sides. Pinch-pleat, tailored pleat, box-pleat, and goblet pleated curtains may appear bulkier when pulled to the sides if heavier or lined fabric is used. Grommet curtains can stack neatly to the sides when open, however, they will require mounting on a rod which will lessen the extent of the coverage. Grommets also give light the opportunity to sneak out of the space between the grommets and rod.

With all window coverings, it is difficult to achieve 100% light blockage. With blinds, light will seep out the sides to varying extents. With blackout curtains, light find its way out of the top. By layering blinds with curtains, you can cover all your bases. If you already have a blackout blind and would just like to block the light seepage on the sides, decorative stationary blackout curtain panels might just do the trick. The curtains will take up less space and will cost a fraction of the price of fully functional blackout curtains. Because the decorative panels do not have to be pushed open you can opt for a more decorative pleat if it strikes your fancy.

Beyond blocking light, custom blackout drapery will also add warmth to your space. The thicker blackout fabrics will help to insulate the room preventing cold air from coming in in the chilly winter months of Calgary. During sweltering summer months blackout curtains will block out heat to maintain a cooler space.

Blackout curtains will also add warmth to your room in a visual sense. Soft velvets, cozy linen-like weaves, and luxurious engineered silks draping from the ceiling down to the floor will instantly warm up the room. Selecting the perfect blackout fabric will also provide the opportunity to add texture, pattern, and colour to the room. Although the ceiling may be the limit when it comes to the measurements of your blackout drapery, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing the perfect blackout curtain design with Custom Window Coverings.