Screen / Solar Shades


Screen / Solar Shades in Calgary

Minimalist Elegance & UV Protection with Screen/Solar Shades

For the ultimate chic, minimalist aesthetic screen shades are the solution. Screen shades or solar shades provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view. Often referred to as “sunglasses” for your windows, their ability to cut the glare makes them ideal for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room where sun control is desired. 

Solar shades protect from the sun in 4 ways: 

  1. They protect furniture and artwork from damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
  2. They reduce glare on screen, glass, and mirrored surfaces. 
  3. They diffuse light. 
  4. They also help control temperature. 

Degrees of light-filtration and privacy will depend on the openness of the weave. 

  • Blackout is 0% openness which is due to a special coating on the back of the fabric. 
  • 1% will give you full privacy even at night when you are lit up from inside. It will block the most amount of light without darkening the room.
  • 3% and lower will prevent glare.
  • With 5% or more you will still be able to see outside. 
  • 10% is the maximum amount of openness allowing for the most amount of light and visibility. It will give some privacy during the day depending on the pattern of the fabric. At night time you will be able to see inside the space. 

Consult with Custom Window Coverings design experts to determine which screen fabric will work best for you.