make your home safe

Do you ever feel your home is unsafe? It can be unsettling and make it hard to relax. But fear not, there are steps you can take to create a safer home environment. Here are our top 10 ways to make your Calgary home feel safer.

1. Draw Your Blinds and Curtains

While this might seem anti-social, keeping your curtains or blinds shut provides privacy. It also keeps perverts and nosy neighbors from peeking at what’s happening inside. In fact, prowlers like to do a little peeping Tom action on the side. When you have open drapes and blinds it makes it easier to get a look at what’s inside. Shut the drapes and they’ll keep moving. Nothing to see here!

2. Keep Your House Well Lit

A house glowing with light keeps the bad guys away. When they see the lights are hitting even the most hidden spots of your home it will be glaringly obvious they’re not going to get into your house without being noticed. They’ll slink away looking for a house where they can prowl around all they like without nosy neighbours knowing they’re up to no good. This is just as important when you’re out or away. Lights = someone is home, which is one of the best ways to keep prowlers off your property.

3. Get to Know Your Neighbours

By being friendly with your neighbours you not only make sure they aren’t prowlers or perverts, but also create a stronger sense of community. Even if they do turn out to be criminals, they’ll be less likely to target you if you keep up a friendly, but also “I’m watching you” kind of vibe.

4. Trim Those Bushes and Trees

Ugh, garden work is the worst. But when those bushes, hedges and trees provide a shield for prowlers to enter your home unnoticed, they need to be trimmed. You probably just need to give them a trim every spring and fall, which isn’t too bad. It’s worth the effort to keep your entry points exposed so prowlers won’t feel too cocky about helping themselves to your stuff.  Oh and those overgrown tree branches? They act as nature’s ladder, allowing criminals to get in on the second floor.

5. Keep Cords Out of Reach of Small Hands

Safety hazards are everywhere in the home, especially for small kids. Keep things like blind and electrical cords safely tucked away so your kids or tiny visitors can’t reach them. It just takes a few seconds for a child, or even a pet, to get dangerously tangled in a cord, leading to choking.

6. Check Door and Window Locks

You might think your doors and windows are secure, but you’d be surprised how something like a little loose screw can provide an easy entrance for criminals. Check your door and window locks to make sure they are strong and working properly to up the security factor for your home.

7. Change Smoke Detector Batteries Twice a Year

Hopefully, you’re doing this already. Choose a time in the spring and fall to swap out your smoke detector batteries out for some new ones. Maybe at the same time, you’re trimming those bushes, trees, and hedges?

8. Learn A Martial Art

This might not be for everyone, but think about it, would you break into Jackie Chan’s house? Of course not!

9. Keep It Clean

Clean homes are safer homes. When you keep your house clean, you reduce germs and bacteria that can make your family and pets sick. While it has to be done frequently, even simple things like wiping down surfaces reduce the spread of germs. Add to that a nice weekly vacuuming to reduce allergens and you’ll all feel better and safer – and your home will look nicer too.

10. Keep Heating Vents Clear of Furniture and Drapes

While it’s unlikely furniture over heating vents will cause a fire, the fact is it does increase risk. This is even riskier if you have older, electrical baseboard heaters, or space heaters. When heat can’t disperse it can build up and get hotter and hotter. Drapes are just as risky, so always make sure your curtains are hung safely and are made of less-flammable materials.

So there you have it: 10 ways to make you feel safer in your Calgary home.

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