It’s amazing how dramatically a room changes when you switch up the window treatments. The window treatments Calgary interior designers choose can add drama, become strictly functional, help unify a room’s décor scheme, bring in or shut out light, or provide more privacy. However, the beauty of Calgary window treatments is when you make the right choice, you can enhance any space. Because you can use an endless assortment of configurations, styles, and designs, it can be easy to get carried away and end up ruining the look of your space. Here we provide the perfect solution to your curtain and blind pairing dilemmas, so you create beautiful rooms every time.

Do Consider Blind Function

If you’re going with a blind and curtain combo chances are you either want to control natural light, privacy, or both. Because of this considering the main function of the blinds is important. The blinds’ purpose helps dictate what type of blind you want. Do you want to completely block out light, or filter the severity? Do you want privacy, but still want to benefit from natural light? Is privacy not an issue at all? All of these questions help determine the proper type of blind so you can use them to control the room’s comfort.

Don’t Forget Room Layout/Window Design

Next, the room layout helps determine the type of blind. For example, if the layout requires a major piece of furniture to sit in front of the window, cordless blinds won’t work. You will need either motorized blinds or blinds with cords you can reach from the side. If your room has extra high ceilings, and the windows are tall or located in a position they can’t be reached, you will also need cords or remote control blinds.

Do Choose High, Wide Curtains

When pairing curtains and blinds in Calgary, take advantage of how they can enhance the perception of space. You can position the curtain rod higher and wider, so you expand the size of the windows. This can add height and width. As well, if you install roman shades a few inches below the ceiling instead of right up against it, this also adds height.

Don’t Mix Patterns

This is design 101. Never mix patterns, especially when the two patterns will be side by side. A simple rule of thumb is to choose a pattern for the curtains and then a complimentary solid colour for the blinds. This creates a customized, unified look that is both pleasing and calming. If your blinds have texture, make sure it doesn’t contrast with your curtain pattern.

Do Match Curtain Rod Colours to Blinds and Drapes

A common mistake for DIY designers is they replace their curtains, but keep the old curtain rod and hardware. While in some cases this happens to work just fine, the hardware can completely ruin your new look if it doesn’t complement your window dressing. Matte finishes tend to look the nicest as they are neutral, yet stylish. Curtain rods can be chosen to blend in or provide a design accent.

A good example would be using a black cast iron curtain rod in a room with cream or white walls and drapes. Also, because you are using a layered look with blinds and curtains, avoid too ornate or too shiny a design or finish as it becomes too overpowering and might come off as tacky.

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