The solar shades Calgary homeowners install are designed to preserve views while providing exceptional protection from the sun. Their ability to cut glare while also protecting from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, makes them suitable for homes with sun-facing rooms. They also work well to cut glare from television and computer screens. If you are considering solar shades for your Calgary home, here are the pros and cons to help you decide if they are right for you.

The Pros of Solar Shades

The solar shades Calgary homeowners choose offer many pros including:

  • Heat Reduction: When Calgary summer’s heat up, your sun-facing rooms tend to heat up as well. This can keep you from using certain rooms in the house. However, with solar shades, you can reduce extreme heat by preventing sunlight from entering the room.
  • UV Protection: You’d be surprised how much damage UV rays can cause to your furniture, artwork, and area rugs. When the sun is allowed to shine full on to your living areas, it can fade items in the room. It costs money to replace expensive home furnishings. However, your furnishings aren’t the only thing at risk. Depending on the type of windows you have, your family can also be exposed to harmful UV rays, increasing the risk for skin cancer.
  • Clear, Glare-Free Views: The special solar fabric-based shades block out sun without blocking the view. You don’t have to sacrifice an amazing view because you’re trying to reduce glare. You can have the best of both worlds allowing the sun to be filtered out and your view to remain unhindered.
  • Anti-glare: If you have no choice but to put your TV or computer in a room with too much sun, you’re view is going to suffer due to glare. Glare is also terrible for your eyes, causing you to strain and squint to protect them from the sunlight. With the solar shades Calgary homeowners choose, you enjoy the benefits of anti-glare materials that keep your eyes relaxed and your screens glare-free.
  • Energy Efficiency: Because your Calgary solar shades help reduce heat, they also improve energy efficiency. You will no longer find yourself adjusting your AC to cool down rooms that have become too hot due to sun exposure. Instead, you just adjust your solar shades to reduce incoming heat and enjoy the savings on your energy bill.

The Cons of Solar Shades

While the pros can be quite convincing, you shouldn’t make your decision until you consider the following cons:

  • Not Suitable for Blackout: If you have a bedroom where black-out blinds are needed the material used to filter the UV rays and sunlight won’t do the trick. As a result, you’ll have to invest in additional window treatments such as black-out drapes to use in hand with your solar shades.
  • Less Nighttime Privacy: Although these solar shades provide privacy during the daytime, the same can’t be said once night falls. When you turn on your lights, unfortunately, people can see inside, even when your solar shades are drawn. These shades use a special lightweight fabric with a weave designed to filter light from entering the room while preserving the view. Unfortunately, it also preserves the view into your home once interior lights are on.

You can speak to your local Calgary solar shade experts to discuss the benefits of solar panels for your home.


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