Are your vertical blinds damaged? Perhaps they are stained with barbecue sauce from that time your husband tripped over Rex bringing steaks in from the deck. Maybe it’s just time to update outdated décor. If it is time to replace those old vertical blinds, you might just want to know what options are available to you. Well, Calgary, never fear. Custom Window Coverings’ family of window treatment pros is always ready to help you.

Let us tell you a little about some of the fresh new options available to replace your old vertical blinds. We at Custom Window Coverings are happy to offer installation services to our clients.

Vertical Sheers

Vertical sheers area curtain-blind hybrid. Vertical sheerscombine a vertical blind track with strips of fabric to create the look of curtains. This window covering is visually appealing and provides large windows and patio doors with a hint of sophistication. Vertical Sheers are exceptionally versatile. Each strip of fabric within each piece of material can tilt to control a room’s light diffusion. With vertical sheers, our clients can now enjoy the scenery out their window or have complete privacy. These sheers are elegant, easy to use, and a great choice to replace your old vertical blinds.

Japanese Blinds

Japanese-style panel blinds are a stylish and adaptable shading solution for larger windows. Japanese blinds are made from wide strips of fabric hung vertically for a modern take on a vertical blind. Japanese blinds stack neatly behind one another when open. They are a greatwindow treatment selection for colour blocking or mixing patterns. Japanese blinds neatly stackoff to the sides of your window, leaving a clean tailored look. This close stacking allows maximum light into a room. Japanese blinds are a great selection to replace your dated vertical blinds if you are someone who loves bold colours and patterns. A truly beautiful window covering.

 Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are a great choice to replace your existing vertical blinds. These blinds allow you to create a distinct ambience within a room. Calgary, as a window covering, Zebra blinds are a truly hassle-free option. The design of these blinds makes them incredibly easy to keep clean. We recommend augmenting your Zebra blinds with a fabric valance to offer a beautiful finished look. If the vertical blinds are for patio doors (which is often the case), opt for a set of blinds mounted above the door. If you need to access the door, you can simply roll up one blind and leave the other side down. We at Custom Window Coverings offer a wide variety of window blinds, Calgary!


Curtains are a timeless and classic window covering that can be modernized with fashion-forward fabrics. Full-length curtain panels are another great selection to replace old vertical blinds as they addwarmth, sophistication, colour and texture. They are tried and true and present so many options to designers. You can line curtains if your space requires privacy or temperature control. See our How’s it Hanging blog post to get an even more detailed explanation ofhow to choose curtains for your space. Curtains are a great option to replace your old vertical blinds.

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As you can no doubt surmise, there are many beautiful, unique, and compelling window treatment options available to replace your old vertical blinds.

We hope that you found this article interesting and informative.Remember that our team of pros is always here to help make your window covering selection process much more manageable.

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