Leaving your windows bare and naked is never a good idea. It means that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to design your home. Beautiful window curtains provide you with privacy and warmth, filter sunlight, and add style to your home. But before you choose the perfect curtains for your home, it’s important to get the right measurements of the window and curtain. We have explained in detail how you can measure the size of your curtains accurately, so that you can spend more of your time finding the best curtains for your space.

  • Choose the Mounting Technique

When you begin measuring for your curtains, the very first step is to decide whether you want to go with outside or inside mount curtains. Each of these mounting styles come with an entirely different aesthetic. The outside mount is a more popular mounting style for curtains. When you mount the curtains outside, the rod is fitted to the wall outside your window frame. Outside mount curtains give full coverage, block out sunlight, and give a more luxurious look to your space.

The inside mount curtains are not as common and provide a more specific look. To mount the curtains inside, the rod is fitted inside the window frame to create a streamlined look. Inside mount curtains don’t block out the sunlight completely, but they do provide privacy and give a minimalist, modern look to your home.

  • Determine the Rod Length

The next step is determining the length of the curtain rod. These rods are usually extended 3-6 inches beyondthe window frames. But because these rods can be fitted either above, below, or inside the trim mount and it affects the rod length, it’s best to determine first where you want to fit your rod.

For inside trim mount, choose curtain rods that have protective end caps. Also, make sure you pick one with an expandable design that can be fitted easily. For inside mount, your rod needs to be as wide as the window interior, or may be a bit wider for a gathered look.

For below trim mount, choose a rod that is at least 3-5 inches wider than the width of your window frame on either side. And if you want to go with above trim mount, then the rod length mainly depends on the space available between your window and the ceiling, and also the overall look you want. The ideal placement of rod in above trim mount is 6 to 12 inches above the window frame. The wider and higher your curtain rod is fitted, the larger the window will look.

  • Measure the Length and Width of your Window Frame

The width of your curtains should usually be about 1.5 to 3 times the width measurement of the window frame. However, it is the fullness that you’ll choose which will define the look you want to achieve. Fuller curtains add a richer feel to the windows whereas curtains with a lesser width create a more personalized look.

Remember that the window panels usually come as separate items, so always check if your curtains come with panels or you’ll have to buy them separately.

Window curtains are typically measured width by length. Length is basically the distance from the rod to the bottom of the panel. If you want to get valances, which usually covers 1/4th of the upper part of the window frame, then note that they are measured width by length as well.

The length you will choose for the curtains mainly depends on your desired look and hanging method. For measuring the length rightly, place the measuring tape in the top inside corner of the window or at the top of the window frame. Then measure down to the length you desire. If you desire a higher curtain placement, then measure up from 20 inches above the window frame to achieve the lengthened appearance.

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