Dressing up your windows helps add a finishing touch to your rooms. They not only look good on the inside, but your exterior can also be given a more cohesive look. An excellent way to create that wow factor for your Calgary home décor is using roller blinds. They offer many practical benefits but aren’t so bad from a décor standpoint either. In fact, they’re downright attractive. Here are all the advantages of having roller blinds in your home.

Endless Design Possibilities

This is no exaggeration. The roller blinds Calgary designers choose come in a wide range of fabric choices allowing you to downplay them as something functional to block out the sun or play center stage as a show-stopping décor feature. They have a clean look regardless of your fabric choice and they are completely customized, so they can suit any room style.

Add impact and fun with a bold solid colour, tone it down with a neutral or combine patterns and textures to create a completely unique look. Whether you are high brow elegant, urban chic, country rustic or ultra-modern minimalist, the roller blind never fails to deliver on stylishness.

Pet and Kid Friendly

When it comes to function, nothing is simpler than the roller blind – unless you go for smart blinds of course. These blinds are easy to install and are lifted or lowered by hand. No wires, no cords, no wands – no tangles. They are designed for smooth operation for less frustration and happier life.


The simplicity of custom roller blinds is the secret to their sleek look. They are made of high-quality fabrics designed to last and stand up to the constant ups and downs of life. Unlike slatted blinds, there’s no getting them tangled, or breaking or bending the slats. They offer longer life, without showing their age, just like a Hollywood star.


Despite the fact the roller blinds Calgary homeowners choose are completely customizable, they tend to be far more affordable than say a customized drape and valance window treatment. If you’re on a budget, this is an excellent option as you can get quite creative in your design choices without breaking the bank.

Quick Makeover

If you find your rooms are looking a little, shall we say, outdated, roller blinds can provide an instant makeover? As mentioned, they are affordable, and fully customizable allowing you to really refresh a room in one simple step.

Maintenance Free

Unlike slatted blinds that need to be dusted, these guys are easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you’ve ever tried to tackle dusting individual Venetian blind slats, you know what we mean!

Curb Appeal

You can choose the same neutral blinds for each room to create a more cohesive look to your home’s exterior. This boosts curb appeal. You can then add drapery panels to suit the décor scheme of each room.

Pitch Black Heaven

Blackout roller blinds keep the harsh morning light at bay and eliminate glare from streetlights. This isn’t only great if you work nights, but also for those who enjoy a good sleep in on weekends. Oh, and did we mention they can also block out your neighbor’s 8 am Sunday lawn mowing session? Heavenly peace.

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