Horizontal Sheer Shades combine sheer drapery and blinds allowing you to control what you see and how much light you allow in the room. They also have a compact headrail that doesn’t interfere with their look. Their fabric internal vanes allow you to leave them all the way down and then tilt them for the ideal privacy, views, and sun filtering.

That’s why Calgary homeowners are loving horizontal sheer shades as the ideal window treatment for their homes. If you are looking for new window treatment ideas for your Calgary home, here’s why you’ll fall in love with horizontal sheer shades too.

Horizontal Sheer Shades are Versatile

It all starts with versatility. Sheer horizontal shades are the ideal hybrid in window treatments. They are like a roller shade and a horizontal blind combined, but then throw in the additional look of a sheer drapery. As a result, you can roll the shade open or closed as with any other shade or blind. However, they use two layers of sheer fabric on either side of the vanes/louvres, so you can choose to look out the windows with the shade down and the louvres open. When the shade is down, you can also adjust the louvres, so you have full view, obstructed view, or partially obstructed view to suit your needs. This also helps control how much light filters into the room.

Horizontal Sheer Shades Offer Some UV Protection

There is more to those two layers of sheer fabric than just providing housing for the vanes. They also offer protection against harmful UV rays. If you have a south-facing room, you can avoid damage to furniture and carpets that can fade when exposed to constant sunlight. You have better control over the natural light so you don’t lose its benefits but can still help minimize damage to your furnishings and art. Although there are solar shades designed to provide full protection from the sun, the sheer horizontal shade is another choice that allows you to enjoy unobstructed views.

Horizontal Sheer Shades are Super Stylish

Horizontal Sheer Shades have been around for about 25-years now and as the times have changed, so too have their designs. Many people are surprised to see how attractive horizontal sheer shades are. They stand up to today’s interior design standards, especially as the trend to sheers is on the rise. There is something very elegant about sheers, as they are light and airy, yet also hint at privacy. They let in the light but cut down on the glare. They have an almost lacy feel, like gossamer wings, but still have substance that shows your window is dressed most elegantly.

Sheers offer a quiet accent, which is ideal for almost any room. You can also add a hint of colour that doesn’t dominate a room like say a prominent drape fabric might. Instead, the shades blend in to create a more calming effect. Because they are sheer, however, they also work well if you wish to use layered window treatments. They work with a diverse selection of drape patterns and styles so you can create a highly tailored look for your Calgary window treatments. We can help you buy curtains in Calgary.

Calgary just loves their horizontal sheer shades, and chances are you will too!